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How Long Is Shipping ?

Press On Sets : Processing times are 1-2 weeks. Rush order is also available.

Nail Charms And Accessories: 1-3 businesses days

How Do I Know My Size

There are 3 ways to determine your nail size.

The coin method, Measuring your nails, or Purchasing a size kit

Coin Method :

Grab a coin and set it on a flat surface. 

Next, take a pic of your hand next to the coin, making sure your 4 polish-free nails are clearly visible in the photo. 

Then, take another photo with just your thumb, nail side up, and the coin. 

Upload photos 

Size Your Own Nails :

Using measuring tape measure horizontally along the widest part of nail bed using mm

0=18mm 1=16mm 2=15mm 3=14mm 4=13mm 5=12mm 6=11mm 7=10mm 8=9mm 9=8mm

Xsmall 3,6,5,7,9 | Small 2,5,4,6,9 | Medium 1,5,4,6,8 | Large 0,4,3,5,7

Size guides are available for purchase in extras

How Long Do The Nails Last ?

1-2 weeks with glue and a few days with glue tabs. The nails are also reusable.

What's Your Return Policy ?

We do not accept returns or exchanges.

Where Can I See More Pictures/ Videos Of The Nails ?

Click here to view our TikTok

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